Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (K&R) insurance is typically a stand-alone policy designed for those who travel internationally. It covers costs relating to events such as:

  • Kidnapping and Ransom – Seizing an individual with intent to demand money in return for the individual’s safe return
  • Wrongful Detention – Confining an individual against his or her will for reasons other than kidnapping, often by a government or quasi-government entity for political aims.
  • Extortion – Demanding money with the threat to injure or kill an individual, damage property or divulge trade secrets (applicable to business travel).
  • Hijacking – Holding an individual for an extended period of time against his or her will on an airplane, motor vehicle or ship.

The Insurance Exchange understands the prevalence of kidnapping in areas of extreme poverty, as well as places where law enforcement turns a blind eye to guerrilla activity. This coverage is particularly beneficial for travelers in higher risk regions of the world (Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Venezuela and South Africa).

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