The Insurance Exchange, a division of HUB International brings Fortune 100 Benefits Consulting and Actuarial Services to the Middle Market. Our firm enjoys a close working strategic relationship with one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of actuarial and related products and services. This allows us to illustrate renewal evaluations, plan change valuations, model impacts of Health Care Reform, and industry best practices. We offer comprehensive peer benchmarking, risk simulation and employee contribution modeling as it relates to projecting long-term impact on healthcare and other benefit related expenses. Additionally we combine clean data reporting with award-winning wellness capabilities to provide results! Our experienced team of industry experts works closely with your Executive Leadership, Finance and Human Resources teams to design a comprehensive, strategic employee benefits program that matches your organization’s business philosophy and employee benefits needs. A properly designed plan maximizes return on investment enabling your business to attract and retain the best employees while controlling both present expenditures and long-term benefit costs. We offer the following products:

  • Private Exchange
  • Consumer Driven Health Plans (HSA, HRA, FSA)
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Alternative Funding and Self Insured Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Cafeteria Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Voluntary and/or Supplemental Benefits
  • Executive Benefit Programs
  • Accident, Cancer, and Critical Illness Insurance
  • Carve Out Pharmacy Benefit Programs
  • International Benefits Including War Risk
  • Fringe Benefit Plans

Voluntary Benefits

With the rising of health care costs and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers are adding value to their benefit programs by providing additional voluntary benefits. With a little to no cost to the employers they are able to add additional offerings to fill in gaps created by high deductible plans. The U.S. healthcare system will keep evolving, and more employees will turn to voluntary benefits to supplement coverage. Voluntary benefits offer added financial security to employees, with no costs incurred by the employer. These comprehensive voluntary products and services that are made available to employees gain more enhanced coverage that otherwise might not be available to them in the individual market.

We will review and analyze your benefit offering and provide some suggestions of voluntary products that would complement your current package.

We strive to bring value to our clients and their employees through communications and enrollment technology. Services that are included but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of benefit package offering – Recommended viable solutions that complement existing programs
  • Personalized Communication Campaign prior to enrollment and post enrollment – Provides employees with a thorough understanding the products and services being offered
  • Consulting Services – Meeting are presented by enrollment specialists with an emphases on educating employees. Meetings can be provided individually through webinar or conference call.
  • Seamless enrollment – Web base functionality and annual enrollment
  • Post enrollment meeting – Analysis of enrollment and discussions on how to better future enrollments.

Following Value Added Services:

  • HRIS/Payroll Solutions
  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Consulting Services
  • In Depth Fortune 100 Actuarial Services
  • Mid-Year Claims Meeting/Renewal Projection
  • Customized Benefits Benchmarking
  • COBRA/FMLA/Flex Plan/CDHP Administration
  • HR Support/Compliance Services
  • Worksite Wellness Biometric Screenings
  • Online Enrollment Platforms
  • Benefits Satisfaction Employee Surveys
  • Data Mining Claims Analysis Software
  • Customized Enrollment Guides
  • Enrollment Meeting & Communications Support
  • Dependent Eligibility Verification Audits (DEVA)
  • Total Rewards Benefits Statements
  • Davis Bacon & Service Contract Act Recordkeeping