Many international organizations are exposed to the potential of sudden and violent political upheavals. Companies that operate in unstable political areas of the world are exposed to higher risks especially when it comes to losses from acts of war. These specific classifications are mainly Missionaries, Nonprofits, Government Contractors, and Multi-National Corporations.

Many policies have an “act-of-war “exclusion and will not pay for any losses war related. War Risk Insurance (WRI) covers many acts of war; invasion, mutiny, rebellion, and hijacking. War risk insurance covers threats such as kidnapping and ransom, emergency evacuation, work related injury, long-term disability, and loss or damage of property and cargo.

There are limited amount of carriers that specialize in this coverage. The Insurance Exchange has been selected by elite carriers to assist our clients with placing this type of coverage. To better understand your risks, and what you should have in place, contact us today.